How to start?

This market is a site where you can trade game items of GrowStone Online with Etherium.
When you place an item in the game storage, it will appear on the web page and you can start trading.

To buy or sell items, you need a game setup and an Ethereum wallet address.

You can make an Ethereum wallet in one of the followings.
  1. Install the mobile game [GrowStone Online]
  2. Put the item in the [storage] in game.
  3. Sign in to this market using your PC.
  4. In the upper right [My storage] menu, click the [Sale] button.
* Some items can be selled after sealing using Item seal.
The transaction fee is 5% of the item price.
Since it is currently in beta, the fee may change in the future.
First, please make sure the price you sent is correct.
If you spend less than the item's price, you will be refunded to the sender's wallet in an hour.

Second, the sent transaction must pass the 12-block confirmations (about 3 mins) and the item will be paid out.
On the [Buy Item] page to see how many block confirmations it pass.